These instructions are for making soy wax tealights.

Because soy wax has a low melting point, it can be melted either in the microwave or in a pan over a pan of water (double boiler) as you would melt cooking chocolate.


To avoid wastage and easier fragrancing, it is always a good idea to calculate how much wax per tealight. For reference, a tealight cup holds approx 15-17grms wax.


What you will need:
- Soy container wax
- Tealight cups
- Prewaxed tealight wicks
- Plastic jug or two old pans
- Optional fragrance and colouring
- Thermometer (optional)

Place the required amount of wax into a plastic jug and melt in microwave. Alternatively, melt a larger amount and weigh off enough for your tealights. I would suggest making at least 6 at a time as the amount of wax may be too small to melt.
Start with two minutes, less for small amounts and add 30secs at a time till melted. There is no need to continue once all wax is melted.
Any colouring can be added at this point.
Alternatively, place in an old pan over a pan of boiling water and heat till melted.
Your wax will be at approx 70°c.


Stir wax and allow to cool to approx 55-60°c.
When wax is at cooled temp, fragrance can be added.

Stir fragrance thoroughly into wax to avoid pooling.


Pour wax into mould and then stand in pre waxed wicks. Leave to set at room temp. Do not place anywhere too cold.
These instructions are only a guide and it is the makers responsibility to test wick and burn any items made to see if they burn correctly.