Scoobable Wax is becoming more and more popular and is as easy to make as wax melts.

It is the blending of two waxes to make a soft scoopable wax.

These instructions will make approx 200grms wax.

What you will need:

- Double pan set (to melt your wax)

- Thermometer

- 20ml fragrance oil.

- 50g Golden Wax 494.

- 150g White Rapeseed Wax.

- 2g colour (Optional)

- Containers (such as tins or jars)


Add the White Rapeseed Wax, Golden Wax 494, and dye (if you are using it) to your double pan set.

Gently heat the combination in a bain-marie style method until the wax reaches 80°c.

Take your double pan set off the heat and allow the wax to cool to 65°c.

When the wax reaches 65°c, add your fragrance oil, stir for approximately 45 seconds, and pour your mixture into your container.

Leave to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.