APPLE (GREEN APPLE) - A delightful fruity bouquet with the aroma of a fresh and crisp green apple.

APPLE BUTTER - Apple with rich butter cream and cinnamon.

BABY BEDTIME BATH - Soothing baby wash with a relaxing lavender fragrance.
BABY POWDER - White cedar and cypress blended with the aroma of blue violets, freesia and ylang for a dry woodsy powdery musk.
BANANNA NUT MUFFIN - Ripe banana, brown sugar, churned butter, sugar cane, ground cinnamon, clove bud, chopped walnuts, vanilla extract and whipped cream.
BERRYDAZZLE (HOLIDAZZLE) - An uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove and vanilla.
BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA -  Smooth blend of raspberry with a touch of vanilla.
BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE - Fresh from the dessert menu, creamy cheesecake with plump sweet blueberries.
BUTT NAKED - Smooth blend of peach, melon, coconut, strawberry and vanilla.
BUTTERSCOTCH CANDIES - Creamy butterscotch which resembles Werthers.
CAKE BAKE - Wonderful aroma of cakes fresh from the oven and home baking

CAMPFIRE - A crackling campfire fragrance oil. Smells like a mixture of wood and smoke.
CARAMEL - Creamy caramel.
CARAMEL APPLE - Caramel coated apple. All the fun of the fair!

CARIBBEAN COCONUT - A buttery rum top note leading to a sweet vanilla with toasted coconut.

CHERRY AMARETTO - A blend of amaretto and sweet cherry.

CHESTNUTS & BROWN SUGAR - Toasted chestnuts drenched in a buttery brown sugar syrup.

CHOCOLATE CAKE - Warm devils food chocolate cake "death by chocolate"

CHOCOLATE MINT - A mix of mint hot chocolate and After Eights! Scrummy!

CINNAMON & SANDALWOOD - Spicy cinnamon mixed with woodsy sandalwood.

CINNAMON CRUNCH - Cinnamon with a smooth creamy vanilla.

CINNAMON SPICE (CHRISTMAS SPLENDOUR) - Holiday cinnamon and spice.

CINNAMON STIX - Full bodied scent of rich spicy cinnamon.
CLEAN COTTON - Fresh spring fragrance.
CLOTHES LINE - Fresh linen right off the line.
COCONILLA (JOYEUX NOEL) - Blend of vanilla beans, cinammon, coconut and cassia.
COFFEE CAKE & SPICE - Delicious coffee cake with added spice.

COFFEE CARAMEL CREAM - Fresh coffee with a smooth blend of warm caramel and rich cream.

CRANBERRY PEACH CIDER - Sparkling apple cider with a splash of fresh cranberries and peach.
CREME BRULEE - Vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar.
DOVES: Fresh from the shower, like the classic beauty soap.

DRAGONS BLOOD - An autumn-like warm, woody and earthy scent with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood combined with light tones of powdery musks and hints of asian florals to bring out subtle spice undertones.

FOREST WALK (BLUE CHRISTMAS) - A classic fragrance of fir needles and pine.
FRANKINSCENSE & MYRRH - Aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh with balsam, spice, patchouli and sandalwood.
FRESH CUT ROSES - A very popular fragrance that really does smell like a rose garden.
FRUIT BLAST - A sweet and tangy fruit blend all rolled into one.

GRANDMAS KITCHEN - A warm blend of apple, cinnamon and spice. Just like Grandmas kitchen!

GRAPEFRUIT- Juicy grapefruit.
HYACINTH - Delicate floral fragrance.

ISLAND PARADISE - A fruity combination of coconut, pineapple and berry top notes with a floral middle of jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle and orange blossom.

JAMAICA ME CRAZY - Clean, fresh, citrus and coconut type top notes with fruity (apple, peach and raspberry) type middle notes.
LAVENDER (TRUE LAVENDER) - Traditional English lavender.

LAVENDER VANILLA - Clean fresh fragrance of lavender with a touch of vanilla.

LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE - Candied lime savors, lemon syrup, bergamot extract, poppy-seed, mufin, brown sugar, marshmellow fluff, vanilla cake batter, clove bud and white musk.
LEMON GRASS - Sweet grass with a hint of lemon.
LEMON MERINGUE PIE - Fresh from the oven...deliciousssss! 
MAGNOLIA - Intense, sweet fragrance of beautiful magnolias.

MAPLE CINAMMON TWIST - Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon.
MIDNIGHT ROSE - Fresh rose bouquet with masculine spice notes.
MIDSUMMERS NIGHT - Heady smell of a summers night. Warm, a little spicy and very seductive.
MONKEY FARTS - Tropical banana with a hint of coconut and grapefruit.
MOONLIT PATH - Clean soft powder with floral hints.

MULLED CIDER - Clove-studded apples, spices and citrus mulled cider.
NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE - Lovely Jasmine fragrance.

OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY - Creamy silky fragrance of milk and honey.
OCEAN MIST - Cool and breezy blend of ocean breezes and white flowers for a crisp sparkling scent.
ORANGE & PEEL (FRESH ORANGE & PEEL) - Zingy fresh orange!
ORANGE DREAMSICLE - Sweet orange with vanilla cream.
PARMA VIOLET - Rich and intoxicating scent, reminiscent of the violet candy.
PATCHOULI - Classic patchouli fragrance.
PEARBERRY - Crisp pear with fresh berries.

PEPPERMINT & EUCALYPTUS - Invigorating blend of peppermint, patchouli, cedar wood and eucalyptus.

PINEAPPLE - Fresh juicy pineapple.
PINK LEMONADE - A sweet, mouth-watering and tart blend of lemon rind, sweet berries and a touch of vanilla. A fantastic blast for spring and summer!

PLUMERIA - A sweet and clean floral fragrance.

SEX ON THE BEACH - Tropical fruit and floral blend.
SOFT BLANKET - TOP: Jasmine and cherry blossom. MIDDLE: Freesia and powdery notes. BASE: Vanilla and orchid.

SPEARMINT CANDY - Fresh spearmint and peppermint top notes, with slightly fruity middles notes enhanced by long lasting vanilla cotton candy bottom notes.

SPICED APPLE & PEACHES - Warm apple cider with fresh light peach notes.
SPRING RAIN - Fresh rain with floral notes.

STARGAZER LILY - A beautiful clean delicate floral fragrance.

STRAWBERRY - A fruity scent of fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar.

SUGAR COOKIES (CHRISTMAS COOKIES) - A buttery and sweet classic that make a delicious anytime treat.

SUNWASHED LINEN - Light and fresh with hints of fabric conditioner, reminiscent of clean sheets dried outdoors.

TOASTED HAZELNUT - A wonderful aroma of freshly toasted hazelnuts.

TROPICAL ISLANDS - Be transported by the scent of honeysuckle and hibiscus.

VANILLA & BERRIES - Strawberry and vanilla.

VANILLA (FRENCH VANILLA) - Traditional bakers, buttery and yummy.

VANILLA CRUNCH - Rich creamy vanilla with a touch of caramel.

VANILLA RUMBALL (CHRISTMAS RUMBALL) - Sensuous blend of citrus, cognac, fruits and vanilla.

WARM VANILLA SUGAR - Rich warm vanilla with sweet sugar notes.

WATERMELON KIWI - Watermelon with a hint of kiwi.

WINTER GARDEN (SLEIGH RIDE) - A warm woody bouquet mixed with pine needel, bayleaf and cinnamon.


BLACK MAGIC - Fresh blend of fir tree, spices and smooth vanilla notes.

CHERRY (BLACK CHERRY) - Juicy black cherrys.

CUCUMBER MELON - Sweet, fresh and totally invigorating.
DOWNY - Fresh smell of tumble dryer sheets. Similar to a well known Procter & Gamble fabric softener.

FREESIA A light and airy floral, clean and crisp.

JUNIPER BREEZE - A fresh evergreen with notes of delicate jasmine and rose petals, enhanced with subtle notes of apples and peaches.

MELONBERRY - Sweet juicy watermelon with strawberry and blueberry.

NAG CHAMPA - An exotic blend of florals, spices and resins from India. A popular incense fragrance.
PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLE - Sweet maple, buttery pecan top notes with creamy and spicy middle notes and just enough sprinkling of brown ugar enhanced by a long lasting vanilla base.
RELAXATION - Floral bouquet underlined by fresh citrus on a background of musk and sandalwood.

SANDALWOOD - This classic scent contains a blend of cedar wood, sage, patchouli, bergamot, tree moss, geranium, lavender, basil and vetiver.

SNOWBALL (TIS THE SEASON) - A creamy eggnog toddy sprinkled with pumpkin pie and spices.

SOUTH PACIFIC WATERS - Ocean mist, sea moss, dewy cyclamen petals, geranium flower, water mint, coriander seed, white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.

STRAWBERRIES & CHAMPAGNE - A fresh aquatic, yet lightly fruited strawberry, grapes and sparkling wine.

SWEET PEA - A wonderful floral summery scent. 

TIS THE SEASON (SNOWBALL) - A creamy eggnog toddy sprinkled with pumpkin pie and spices.
TWILIGHT - A clean blend of lavender, freesia, and rose petals.
VAPOR RUB - Great for a blocked up head!

WILD HONEYSUCKLE - Sweet honeysuckle vibrant, lingering and true.

WNW BEE DYLICIOUS (W) - Fruity and vibrant this fragrance is uplifting and mouth watering. A compilation of green apple, grapefruit and white amber. 

WNW PYNK SUGAR (W) - A sweet fruity light floral fragrance.


WNW 1 MYLLYON (M) - TOP: Grapefruit, mint and mandarin. MIDDLE: Spicy notes, rose and cinnamon. BASE: Leather, patchouli, amber and woody notes.

WNW ALYEN (W) - A tempting blend of vanilla, amber and orange blossom.

WNW ANGLE (W) - A compilation of amber, patchouli, chocolate and other deep and delicious fragrance notes.

WNW BLUE AGAVE & CACAO - TOP: Linden blossom, lime oil, grapefruit, cardamom and red berries. MIDDLE: Orchid, geranium, agave flower and white lily. BASE: Cocoa and vetiver.

WNW CHANNLE (W) - A timeless sharp floral fragrance. Jasmine, muguet, rose, orchid, vanilla, moss, wood and spices.

WNW CHANZE (W) - A refined, luxurious blend of jasmine and citrus. Notes of white musk, hyacinth, citron, pink pepper, fresh vetiver, orris absolute and amber patchouli.
WNW DAISIES (W) - Sweet and green summer perfume.

WNW DEEKAYNWHY (W) - A refreshing, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of water lillies, daffodils and orchids blended with fruits and wood notes.

WNW DOCE GABHANA (M) - A refined spicy but sweet masculine scent with lemon, orange, lavender, sage, cedar and tabacco.

WNW EUPHORIC (W) - An alluring mixture of amber, lotus blossom and pomegranate.

WNW FANTASIE (W) - Invigorating fusion of kiwi, jasmine, chocolate and musk.
WNW FARENHEIGHT (M) - Warm, sweet but woody and mossy with honeysuckle, sandalwood and balsam.

WNW FLOWER EXPLOSION (W) - A fresh and sweetly innocent blend of light florals, teas, bergamot trending down to light musk and patchouli.

WNW FRENCH LIME BLOSSOM - TOP: Bergamot and petitgrain. MIDDLE: Tarragon, lime (linden) blossom, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley. BASE: Beeswax and honey.

WNW G'ADOOR (W) - A beguiling, refreshing and flowery fragrance. A seductive blend of floral orchids, violets, rose and blackberry musk.

WNW HARMANY COEDE (W) - Crisp concoction of oranges, vanilla and honey fragrances.

WNW HEAVENLIE (W) - A smooth and creamy fragrance blended with white peony and white musk.

WNW JOHN PAUL GAULTIEER (M) - A sharp, oriental, woody fragrance, warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods.

WNW JOHN PAUL GAULTIEER (W) - A sharp, oriental, floral fragrance with a blend of fresh spicy amber, vanilla and wood.

WNW JOOCY CUTURE (W) - TOP: Watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, green notes, hyacinth and marigold. MIDDLE: Tuberose, lily and rose. BASE: Caramels, vanilla, creme brulee, patchouli and woody notes.

WNW JOUP (M) - Refined oriental, woody fragrance with exotic spices, cinnamon, jasmine, honey and tabacco.

WNW JYMMI CHOO (W) - TOP: Pear and mandarin orange. MIDDLE: Green notes and orchid. BASE: Toffee and patchouli.

WNW KANDI (W) - TOP: White musk and musk. MIDDLE: Benzoin and vanilla. BASE: Sweet notes and caramel.

WNW KOKO (W) - Classic and romantic with mandarin, pimento. Coriander, rose, carnation with hints of cinnamon and an amber vanilla with a honey base.

WNW LADI MYLLYON (W) - TOP: Lemon, raspberry and neroli. MIDDLE: Gardenia, orange flower and jasmine. BASE: Amber, honey and patchouli.

WNW L'EAU D'ISSIE (W) - A sharp aquatic fragrance, this feminine scent from this designer possesses a blend of fresh water florals including lily and carnation.

WNW LIME BASIL MANDARIN - TOP: Lime, mandarin, orange and bergamot. MIDDLE: Basil, lilac, iris and thyme. BASE: Patchouli and vetiver.

WNW LOLLA (W) - A gorgeous mix of pear, ruby red grapefruit, peony, rose, geranium, vanilla and creamy musk.

WNW LUVE SPELL (W) - A blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and georgia peach with hints of tamarind and blondewood.

WNW MIZZ DYORE (W) - TOP: Aldehydes, gardenia, galbanum, clary sage and bergamot. MIDDLE: Carnation, iris, orris root, jasmine, neroli, lily-of-the-valley, rose and narcissus. BASE: Labdanum, leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver.

WNW NECTARINE BLOSSOM & HONEY - TOP: Cassia, blackcurrant and petitgrain. MIDDLE: Nectarine and black locust. BASE: Honey, peach and plum.

WNW NWAR DE NWAR (W) -  A rich, complex blend of saffron, black rose and truffle, with softer notes of vanilla, patchouli and oud wood.

WNW OBSEZZION (W) - A refreshing and oriental fragrance with vanilla, amber, orange blossom, oakmoss and spices.

WNW OPYUM (W) - A sharp, oriental and woody fragrance with floral gardenia, peach lactones, coriander seeds, jasmine, rose and vanilla.

WNW ORANGE BLOSSOM - Clean, crisp, full bodied neroli tapered with other florals and greed accords.

WNW POLLOS SPOORTT (M) - Refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance which possesses a warm fresh sporty florals. Fresh, aquatic and sporty.

WNW POMEGRANATE NWAR - TOP: Raspberry, pomegranate, plum, rhubarb and watermelon. MIDDLE: Rose, pink pepper, clove, olibanum, opoponax and guaiac wood. BASE: Cedar, patchouli, musk and amber.

WNW PRYNSESS (W) - TOP: Water lily, mandarin, apple and apricot. MIDDLE: Guava, tuberose. dark chocolate and tiare flower. BASE: Vanilla, woodsy notes and amber.

WNW RUSHE (W) - A sharp, oriental and woody fragrance with floral gardenia, peach lactones, coriander seeds, jasmine, rose and vanilla.

WNW SPICE EXPLOSION (M) - TOP: Bergamot, pink pepper, grapefruit and elemi. MIDDLE: Saffron, cinnamon and paprika. BASE: Vetiver, tobacco and leather.

WNW WHITE JASMINE & MINT - This fragrance is a clever blend of white floral notes of osmanthus and tiare flower in a bae of white tea. The top notes are comprimised of spearmint and a hint of eucalyptus.
WNW WHYTE DYMONDS (W) - A gentle yet sharp feminine scent in form with lily, rose, amber, oakmoss and sandalwood.
WNW WHYTE LYNEN (W) - Fresh florals including jasmine, rose, berry, moss and amber.

WNW WILD FIG & CASSIS - A beautiful blend of green vine and floral notes intertwined with sweet and nutty fig. This fragrance is primarily a green base with subtle sweet mid notes and a hint of sharp wasabi as a top note.
WNW ZAMZARA (W) - A timeless classic scent. A refined, oriental, woody fragrance with a blend of amber, rose, iris, violet, vanilla and sandalwood.


BLUE CHRISTMAS (FOREST WALK) - A classic fragrance of fir needles and pine.​

CANDY CANE - Fresh peppermint will fill the air with delight and refresh. This classic aroma is one of the most favoured scents during the holiday season. Smells just like a candy cane! 

CHRISTMAS COOKIES (SUGAR COOKIES) - A buttery and sweet classic that make a delicious anytime treat.

CHRISTMAS EVE - This seasonal favourite is craved by many during the holidays. Balsam fir with hints of sugarplums will usher in the holiday season.

CHRISTMAS DREAMS - Aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, peppermint and tangerine.
CHRISTMAS MANTEL - TOP - Pine needles, apple spice and plum. MIDDLE - Orange peel, fig and smoke. BASE - Leather and woody notes.
CHRISTMAS MORNING - Hints of cinnamon, citrus, spices and sweet mint are in the air from all the festivities. Trail to a new day of refreshing greenery and fresh air.  

CHRISTMAS RUMBALL (VANILLA RUMBALL) - Sensuous blend of citrus, cognac, fruits and vanilla.​

CHRISTMAS SPLENDOUR (CINAMMON SPICE) - Holiday cinnamon and spice.

CHRISTMAS TREE - Fresh cut pine.

GINGERBREAD - Spicy gingerbread notes, and a sweet icing accord throughout the top, middle and base.
Perfect for the holidays!

HOLIDAZZLE (BERRYDAZZLE) - An uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove and vanilla.​

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Balsam fir, cinnamon and a bayberry spice accord in a warm sweet woody base.

JACK FROST - A must have in your holiday fragrance collection - think After Eights, the minty green middle layer with rich chocolate outer layer, and you will understand the complexity of this nose dessert.
JOYEUX NOEL (COCONILLA) - Blend of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia.​
SLEIGH RIDE (WINTER GARDEN) - A warm woodsy bouquet mixed with pine needle, bayleaf and cinnamon.

SUGARED CRANBERRIES - Tangy cranberries with sweet aftertones.

SUGARED SPRUCE - Holiday spruce with tangy sugar note.

TOP - Evergreen and juniper. MIDDLE - Hollyberry, cranberry and firewood. BASE - Sugared Plums, cedarwood and spiced vanilla.