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Fragrance Oil

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We stock only the highest quality candle making fragrance oils at affordable prices and all of our oils are uncut to give you only the best of results. We want the customers that use our business to be successful in their business.

There are many other suppliers claiming to have the very best fragrance oils on the market, but as we have not sampled all the oils available we do not feel this is a claim that is fair to make. Here at whicksnwhacks we prefer the success people have with selling products made from our fragrance oils and our loyal repeat customer base to speak for itself. Our customers come back time and again and rave about the quality of the oils and the accuracy in the duplicate designer oils.

We have 5 sizes available in stock in the general use oils or large bottles in our bespoke special order section which can be ordered in and all of our fragrances are suitable for Soy and Parrafin wax.

We provide you with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and, as a matter of courtesy, a CLP label template for a 10% fragrance load at point of sale however it is important that you thoroughly check you are completely happy with the information we have provided prior to purchase as refunds cannot be issued afterwards.

It is very important that you keep your own records of the relevant SDS and CLP template for all of the oils you buy from as of the purchase date. If an oil is discontinued by us or our supplier then we will keep the documents on file for 3 months. After this time we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and so we will no longer be able to provide it to you.

**The oils you will find in our "RESTRICTED TO PROFESSIONAL USE" sections are only available in two sizes in addition to our "BESPOKE SPECIAL ORDER" service. These oils are not for general purpose use and when buying these oils, you are agreeing to the terms that you are a professional and the responsibility for the use of these oils is taken by you as the buyer and maker.**