EcoSoya Pillar Blend Wax Beads (choose from 500grms,1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg)

EcoSoya Pillar Blend Wax Beads (choose from 500grms,1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg)

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EcoSoya Pillar Blend (PB) is self-releasing so it is perfect for all moulded candles: pillars, votives, tarts and novelty candles etc.

In traditional candle making it is not unusual to filter the fragrance, wax, and dye mixture before or while pouring the candle eliminating any possibility of foreign materials in your candle.


Moulds should be clean and room temperature. Conditioning is recommended with new moulds or moulds previously used with paraffin.  This simply involves thoroughly wiping the inside walls with warm soybean/vegetable oil.


Most dyes (powder, liquid, chips, blocks, etc.) work with PB.  To achieve better color depth, use about 30% more dye.  When using powder dyes, heat the wax to 190°F (87.8°C), add the dye and mix until dissolved.  Powder dyes may also be dissolved in fragrances and then added to the melted wax (be sure the dye has dissolved completely before adding).  *When using powder dyes dissolved in fragrance, liquid dyes, color blocks, chips or no dye, heat the was to 155°F (68.3°C).


Many fragrances work in PB, especially those designed for soy wax in general.  Recommended maximum scent load is about 12%.  To minimise scent loss, add scent prior to pouring but at a wax temperature no less then 145°F (61.1°C).  Accomodate for temperature drop due to the addition of the cooler scent when targeting pour temperature.  Some scents may react poorly causing bleed, objectionable frosting or poor flame quality.  Try a different scent to correct that occurrence.


PB requires larger wicking than paraffin.  Wicks such as paper cored, cotton cored or metal cored should be avoided as they tend to cause sooting and carbon build-up.  PB tends to burn more down than out creating a Hurricane Candle effect in pillar candles. Scent, color and candle configuraton have a great impact on the best wick choice.  Too large of a wick may cause sooting, quick burn times and guttering (wax leaking through the side of the candle).

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