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Clamshells, Deli Pots & Tealight Boxes

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We are proud to present our extensive and exclusive plastic packaging section which have been designed by ourselves together with our amazing supplier who then tooled and manufactured them right here in the U.K. There are lots of different varieties available on the market however what makes these ones exclusive to us is the specific designs combined with their high quality and fully British based production .

All of our plastic packaging is manufactured in the U.K. and are made of 500 micron plastic. Not only are they 100% recyclable they are also made with 88% recycled plastic. Recycling PET gives a slight tint to the product and depending on the source, and is not virgin plastic. The compromise to using recycled plastic is that you may notice a grey, blue or off colour tinge, however this will in no way detract away from your finished product, but if you require very clear plastic, this product is not for you.