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Wax Additives

100grms x Bipol-X

100grms x Bipol-X

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This item comes in pellet form.

Mix at 1g per 3ml of fragrance.

Up to a maximum of 7g per 100g wax.

Triple scented candles can be made without the fragrance seeping out of the wax.

The Bipol-X must be heated to a temperature of around 80C to melt.

Bipol-X modifies the crystal structure of wax to prevent the leaching of fragrance oils from the wax.

The additive will absorb the fragrance keeping the finished candle dry and eliminating sweating. 

When using the CG Bipol-X you can get a better result if you melt the CG Bipol-X by itself then add the fragrance to it. Then pour this mixture into your melted candle making wax, stir well to ensure a good mix then pour.

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