10 x DUO CLAMSHELL Plastic Boxes (Multiples of 10)

10 x DUO CLAMSHELL Plastic Boxes (Multiples of 10)

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Product Information

We are pleased to present our brand new, EXCLUSIVE to whicksnwhacks, Plastic Duo Clamshell Boxes.

Recyclable & vegan friendly.​​​​​​​

If you like using our original clamshells for your melts but don't want such a large amount of one fragrance in one item, then these are the perfect solution for you as you can pour two fragrances into one package.

These are exactly the same design and quality as our original clamshell packaging but the central dividing wall has been designed taller so that you can create a dual fragrance product without fear of one spilling into the other.

Manufactured in the U.K. and made with high quality 500 micron plastic.

Whether making gifts or items for sale, these clear plastic boxes are the perfect way to make and present your wax melts.

Each box has 6 cavities and hold approx 85grams of wax at full capacity or you have the option to fill with less.

Approx measurements for a closed clamshell are 90 x 71 x 26mm's not including the extra 17mm at the top if you wish to hang your product.

NOTE: Due to the high quality plastic used to make this item and the way they are manufactured, you may on the odd occasion find a tiny hole within the vacuum nodules found on the base of the packaging. This is completely normal and in no way effects how you use this product or the finished result. Due to the viscosity of the wax there will be no spillages and the teeny holes will seal instantly as long as the below instructions are followed.

INSTRUCTIONS: When pouring into clamshells, make sure your wax temperature is cool and pour slowly. We recommend your wax is no hotter than between 65°C and 70°C but ideally between 55°C and 60°C, anything above this will melt the clamshells or find any weak spots. Pour a small amount (5mm) into each individual cell first and allow to start to set, this will check for any flaws. If all is ok, continue to slowly fill the clam. This will minimise the risk of wax spillages. If you see any leakage from the small pour, pop the clam to one side and when the wax is set remove for re use. Please notify us immediately if any problems occur.


DO NOT separate the clamshells by pulling on the lid. Work them apart at the cavity end.

PLEASE ensure your wax is at the right temperature which we recommend is between 55°C and 60°C. Wax that is too hot will melt the clamshells or find any weak spots.

ALWAYS pour on a protected surface.

ANY clamshells that leak will seal rapidly, as long as the wax is poured at the correct temperature, therefore loss will be minimal.

DO NOT discard any spilled wax. Once the clamshell is set, any spilled wax can be melted down and poured back in the top.

IF you have faulty, unusable clamshells, please retain for our inspection.

DO NOT discard clamshells until contacting us first.

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