10 x 2oz (40grams) DELI POTS & Lids (Multiples of 10)

10 x 2oz (40grams) DELI POTS & Lids (Multiples of 10)

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2oz Deli Pots & Lids

Each pot holds a maximum of 40grams wax.

Overfill will prevent proper fitting of lid.

Approx measurements without lid is 70mm at widest point narrowing to 67mm at base x 23mm deep.

Fill measurement is approx 18mm.

Lid area for label is approx 59mm.

INSTRUCTIONS: When pouring into pots, make sure your wax temperature is cool and pour slowly. We recommend your wax is no hotter than between 65°C and 70°C but ideally between 55°C and 60°C, anything above this will melt the pots or find any weak spots. Pour a small amount (5mm) into each individual pot first and allow to start to set, this will check for any flaws. If all is ok, continue to slowly fill the pot. This will minimise the risk of wax spillages. If you see any leakage from the small pour, pop the pot to one side and when the wax is set remove for re use. Please notify us immediately if any problems occur.


PLEASE ensure your wax is at the right temperature which we recommend is between 55°C and 60°C. Wax that is too hot will melt the pot or find any weak spots.

ALWAYS pour on a protected surface.

ANY pots that leak will seal rapidly, as long as the wax is poured at the correct temperature, therefore loss will be minimal.

DO NOT discard any spilled wax. Once the pot is set, any spilled wax can be melted down and poured back in the top.

IF you have faulty, unusable pots, please retain for our inspection.

DO NOT discard pots until contacting us first.

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