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Waxed Wicks

10 x 240mm WEDO LX Paraffin Pre Waxed Wick. All £1.00

10 x 240mm WEDO LX Paraffin Pre Waxed Wick. All £1.00

10 x 240mm WEDO LX Paraffin Pre Waxed Wick. All £1.00

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10 x wedo LX multi purpose paraffin pre-waxed candle wick.

Waxed wick has got to be a godsend when it comes to wicking candles. Much easier to work with and less messing around. Length is 240mm. 

Wedo's LX wick is a very thin flatwick that curls into the flame to produce a self trimming effect. Effective in both paraffin and natural wax but when used in natural wax it is common that you have to use a lot larger size than you would in paraffin wax. Large amounts of scent in a candle can affect the performance of the Wedo LX wick.

Wick size - For guide only (Red number is candle diameter)

       Wedo LX8 - 50mm
       Wedo LX10 - 55mm
       Wedo LX12 - 60mm
       Wedo LX14 - 65mm
       Wedo LX16 - 70mm
       Wedo LX18 - 75mm
       Wedo LX20 - 80mm
       Wedo LX21 - 80mm
       Wedo LX22 - 85mm
       Wedo LX24 - 90mm
       Wedo LX26 - 95mm
       Wedo LX28 - 100mm
       Wedo LX30 - 100mm

Please choose your size from the drop down menu.

General rule to what wick to buy - Choosing a wick size can be a tricky business, especially as it is partly trial and error depending on wax, amount of colouring and scent etc. The size of wick you require is governed by the width of candle you want to make. You are trying to achieve a wax pool the whole width of the candle. The length is not as important especially when buying by the metre as it can be cut to length. So measure the width of your container or mould and this will be the size of the wick you want.

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